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Rabies in Colorado

  • 手机怎么挂npv is on the rise - two canines recently diagnosed with rabies an update from the Colorado Depeartmetn of Agriculture - State Veterinary office
  • This Pet Health column describes preventive steps that will help you protect yourself, your pets, and your livestock.

Poultry Updates

  • Poultry Producers: Defend the Flock - with migrating wild birds comes the increased threat of disease for domestic chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese.
  • Veterinary Extension's 只剩下门缝的VPN何去何从 - 手机新蓝网:2021-2-7 · 比如,加速精灵是一家稳定运营三年的老牌VPN商,目前主营美国、中国香港、日本、中国台湾、德国、韩国的高速线路,支持电脑各种系统、手机安卓、iOS,可流畅观看YouTube 1080P高清视频,手机号码注册即送24小时VIP体验,同时提供永久免费试用线路。 by Dr. Ragan Adams
  • The CDC has created some resources about prevention of human Salmonella infections linked to backyard poultry.
  • The posters include; "Don't Wing It", "Samonella and Poultry", "Healthy Families and Flocks" and a list of websites on Poultry resources

More Confirmed Cases of Equine West Nile Virus (WNV) in Coloradoo

  • 环球网_全球生活新门户_环球时报旗下网站 - huanqiu.com:2 天前 · 环球网是中国领先的国际资讯门户,拥有独立采编权的中央重点新闻网站。环球网秉承环球时报的国际视野,力求及时、客观、权威、独立地报道新闻,致力于应用前沿的互联网技术,为全球化时伕的中国互联网用户提供与国际生活相关的资讯服务、互动社区。
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  • 海南日报数字报-引进高端高效项目 众转型促质效双优 - hinews:2021-3-28 · 为提升专业化招商水平,努力引进一批核心竞争力强、带动作用大、市场前景广阔并拉动上下游产业的优质项目和领军企业落户高新区,3月27日,由海口国家高新区招商局牵头,审批局、经科局等多部门配合编写的《海口国家高新区产业发展指导目录》(修订稿)(众下简称《指导目录》)出炉。
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Veterinary Feed Directive- VFD

  • Food and Drug Administration - FDA  has amended the new animal drug regulations to implement the Veterinary Feed Directive
  • CSU experts avalible to discuss Veterinary Feed Directive

Poisonous Plants

  • The Guide to Poisonus Plants website has a new look

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How you can prepare your animals for a disaster

  • Saving pets, saving people, a 15 min video that provides an overview of the community process of animal disaster planning. http://youtu.be/sOZ-AJPo2YA
  • Creating a Community Animal Disaster Plan :  A step-by-step guide to building an animal disaster plan and developing the necessary response capacity for your community. 
  • Plan for Livestock in Advance of Emergency brochure.pdf by Ready Colorado
  • Plan for Pet in Advance of Emergency brochure.pdf by Ready Colorado
  • Ready Ag workbook is designed to help farms and ranches better prepare for disasters
  • more information on how to prepare


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